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B2B portal is Business to Business portal. B2B portal helps to connect businesses all over the world. You can also say that B2B is almost exclusively used in online commerce and generally takes the form of automatic processes between trading partners. B2B portal is not just an idea. B2B portals extend the enterprise to its suppliers and partners. They are transforming the supplier and value chain process and relationships. It is also evolved to encompass supply chain management as more companies outsource parts of their supply chain to their trading partners. B2B web portal is very useful for industries like Classified, Advertisement Directory, Daily news update portal, Real Estate Portal, etc.

KAYUZ WEB TECH specializes in developing universal B2B portal development services for a wide range of industries. The fully customized portal platforms will help Bringing out target audiences, build business worldwide, and enlarge relationships with traders, suppliers, distributors, dealers and customers.


Job portals are very useful for employees and employers to post their job related news and open vacancies. This portals are really useful for employees to locate the job applications and resumes. As well as through job portal employers locate the professional trained employees without spending money and time on interviews and other advertisements. Thus more and more companies today are dependant more on the Job portals for the right employees while the numbers of employees who are seeking for job turning to this online means as the web portals are becoming popular these days than other means of applying for the jobs. These advantages are built into the job portal when it is developed by a professional agency and the work is done in a customized manner. KAYUZ WEB TECH offer high quality Job Portal Development Services to our clients in Nigeria.


Travel Portal is a capacious and powerful web based internet booking engine, designed for Travel Industry especially for travel agencies. The travel industry is the largest segment and plays a major role in the development of the country's economy. Travel Portal is one stop solution for travel agencies for innovative and cost effective solutions for exploring the technological approach to market their services. KAYUZ WEB TECH is a leading Web Portal Development company to provides a complete solution for travel portal development. Our team of professionals provides high quality design and services which are totally customized and designed for online booking and information.


We are giving you real estate solution as per the requirement of real estate industry. Real estate is one of the up growing and ever demanding industry. Having a fully functional real estate portal can help Constructors, builders, property owners and others to sell their properties to global communities and reach the wide audience within minutes. A Real Estate portal have large database where visitor check every details related to properties on the real estate portal. People surf on the net and get the information they want such as property type, location, size, price, area etc. KAYUZ WEB TECH offers you an effective platform for advertising and promotions in business application for Real Estate sector.


Now days business directories are becoming more & more popular. KAYUZ WEB TECH offers you best yellow pages / directory web portal. It allows you to do listing of businesses by category, individual traders by area, new arrival products, advertisements and much more. All of your database can also be easily maintain under the appropriate categories which means that you can choose exactly how many products listing will fit. A directory / yellow pages Web Portal is very different from any normal website in terms of usability. Directory Web Portals primarily focus on online community building and get users to register and use the services on regular basis. KAYUZ WEB TECH have vast experienced professionals of individuals who best understand the necessity involved in the process of Directory Portal Development and give unique and customized products to best fit your specific needs.

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